Use the Same View for All Folders

Windows XP has a great memory when it comes to views: it remembers any view changes you make to a particular folder and then shows you that view the next time you look at its contents. You can, therefore, have several views in effect when looking through the contents of a drive. Usually, this is the desired behavioryou use the Filmstrip view when looking at pictures and the Details list when looking through a list of Word files, and you use each without toggling the views back and forth.

But what happens if you want to set up all folders with the same view so that you have a consistent look and feel across the entire drive? Explorer makes this easy. Just follow these steps:


From Explorer, choose Tools | Folder Options to open the Folder Options dialog box.


Click the View tab.


Click the Apply To All Folders button and then click OK.

This also effectively resets the default view of Explorer (Tiles) to whatever you choose. What's more, you can still apply distinct views to individual folders with the new "default" in place. All you have to do is navigate to the appropriate folder and change the view again.

Another way to change folders to their default views is to click the Reset All Folders button on the View tab of the Folder Options dialog box.

In other views, you can also sort contents by choosing View | Arrange Icons By and then selecting an arrangement from the submenu. The options depend on the current view for the folder.

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