Change the Task Pane

If you're already comfortable with the previous Windows Explorer interface, using the old version might prove more efficient than trying to figure out the new one.

Fortunately, changing back to the tried-and-true style is just a few clicks away. Here's what you have to do:


In Windows Explorer, choose Tools | Folder Options to open the Folder Options dialog box.


Click the General tab, if necessary. (It usually defaults to the General tab.)


Click the Use Windows Classic Folders option and then click OK.

Keep in mind that the decision about which Explorer interface to usethe Task pane or the Windows Classic styleaffects all instances of Explorer. It cannot be set for views on an individual folder or two.

If you find that you are making frequent trips to the Folder Options dialog box, you can place a shortcut to it on the Explorer toolbar. I'll show you how later in this chapter.

You may also notice that the Task pane doesn't have a Close button. It can, however, be covered by other items, such as the folder list. When you click the Folders button on the Windows Explorer standard toolbar, the Task pane is replaced by the Folders list. This column is "old school," and it will be a familiar sight to users of previous Windows versions. It's also my personal favorite when performing file management tasks such as copying and moving files. To reveal the Task pane again, simply click the Folders button once more.

You can also toggle the Folder list on and off when using the Windows Classic Explorer interface; the Tasks are shown only when using the new interface.

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