Solving Application-Level Errors and System Failures

The more you work with Final Cut Pro, the better you get at distinguishing between error alerts generated by the system and those generated by the application. In this section, we'll look first at application-level errors, including out-of-memory errors and unexpected quits, and then we'll look briefly at several types of system-level hangs or crashes.

For more information, refer to Lesson 10 to review how to set up your system preferences to get optimal performance from FCP. For a comprehensive list of the possible system-level error alerts, consult a book dedicated to the Mac OS.

System Lockups and Failures at a Glance

Type of Problem


Possible Cause


Error alert

#1: General error alert while FCP is running

Impossible task or corrupt file

Perform error-minimization steps, page 847


#2: Out-of-memory error appears while FCP is running

Corruption in one or more of the following: a sequence, a clip in a sequence, or a sequence or render file

Disable corrupted sequences and sequence elements, page 849

Unexpected quit

#1: FCP crashes when a specific project or sequence tries to load

Corrupted project or media file

Fix the crash-prone project or sequence, page 850


#2: FCP crashes randomly

Corrupted preferences files or other files, insufficient or faulty RAM, introduction of faulty hardware or software

Perform general maintenance and evaluation steps, page 851

System hang or kernel panic

#1: Complete system lockup: frozen pointer onscreen

Damaged file directories, hardware incompatibilities, or processor problems

Perform lockup-recovery steps, page 853


#2: System hang: prolonged spinning beach ball

Processor-intensive activity or delays in communicating with external device

Restart and reset devices, perform hang-recovery steps, page 854


#3: Kernel panic: Mac OS interface replaced by message advising restart of Mac

Faulty RAM or hardware, problematic device drivers or other software

Perform system troubleshooting steps, page 855

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