Edit Using Free Transform

When you want to edit the shape of a layer or selected pixels, one very effective way to do this is with Free Transform. Either press Command-T (PC: Control-T) or use Edit>Free Transform to get the transformation handles. Then you can click-and-drag on any of the handles, or use the settings in the Options Bar to resize numerically. (Use the default measurement of percentage, or Control-click [PC: Right-click] in the measurement field to change to pixels, inches, or whatever unit of measurement you want to use.)


Here are some important keyboard modifiers that change the way Free Transform operates:

Shift: Keeps the transformation proportional.

Option (PC: Alt): Transforms from the center outwards.

Command (PC: Control): Transforms the one handle you click on.

Command-Shift (PC: Control-Shift): Skews selection.

Command-Option-Shift (PC: Control-Alt-Shift): Creates perspective.

Move your mouse just outside the corner handles to get the Rotate cursor.

Once you're finished transforming, press Return (PC: Enter) to "confirm" the transformation. Press Escape to cancel out of Free Transform.

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Photoshop Finishing Touches
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