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Camera Raw files
     creating burned-in edges using
     opening Smart Objects as
     adjusting size of
     trimming excess
Canvas Size dialog
Channel Mixer
     applying two to one image
     color-to-grayscale conversions with adjustment layer 2nd
     disadvantages of black and white conversions with
     experimenting with Source Channel settings in
     modifying color tone with adjustment layers
     adjusting color
     copying and adjusting most contrasting
     copying contents as layer mask
     experimenting with Apply Image 2nd
     modifying Lightness
Channels palette
Character palette
Clark, Stevie
clipping masks
Clouds filter 2nd
color [See also color and artistic effects ; making color pop.]
     adjusting with gradient maps 2nd
     copying hexadecimal color numbers
     creating adjustment as action
     removing in Hue/Saturation layers
     sampling from image 2nd
     selecting gradient map
     setting layer's default
     setting stroke
     simulating infrared simulation
color and artistic effects
     Apply Image for making color pop
     burned-in edges
     color in black and white photos
     color tints
     converting to black and white
     creating photo grid
     gradient maps
     gritty extreme-contrast effect
     high-contrast fashion look
     infrared simulation
     lighting effect
     making color pop with Curves
     making photo look old
     selective blurring
     simulating filmstrips
     slide mounts
     soft focus
     split toning
     spotlight effect
     using photo in two sizes
Color Balance layers
     adjusting highlights and midtones on
     creating black and white images with
Color blend mode 2nd 3rd
Color Burn blend mode 2nd 3rd 4th
Color Burn option (Layers palette)
Color Dodge blend modes
color modes
     discarding adjustment layers when changing
     Lab Color mode 2nd 3rd
Color Overlay layer style 2nd
Color Picker
     selecting from Toolbox
color popping [See making color pop.]
Color Range dialog 2nd
color stops on Gradient Editor
color tints
     creating with adjustment layers and blending
     Solid Color adjustment layer for
Colorize checkbox (Hue/Saturation dialog)
colorizing Hue/Saturation layers
Confirm Password dialog
Contact Sheet dialog (InDesign) 2nd
contact sheets
     captions for
     creating document for
     one-photo gallery layout with
     saving templates for
     selecting images in Bridge for
     using lightened photo as background
Conté Crayon filter
Contour Picker
Contour settings (Layer Style dialog)
Contract Selection dialog
     adjusting saturation for
     copying and adjusting channel with most
     high-contrast fashion look
copying hexadecimal color numbers
Curves adjustment layer
Curves dialog
     adjusting color channels
     brightening up color around shapes
     modifying Lightness channel
     reducing size of grid on
custom brushes
     adding pattern to
     including on Brushes palette
     modifying preset brushes
     saving 2nd
Custom Colors option (Web Photo Gallery)
customizing [See also saving, custom brushes.]
     brush presets
     brushes with pattern
     patterns 2nd

Photoshop Finishing Touches
Photoshop Finishing Touches
ISBN: 0321441664
EAN: 2147483647
Year: N/A
Pages: 129
Authors: Dave Cross

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