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branded customer service: the new competitive edge
Branded Customer Service: The New Competitive Edge
by Janelle Barlow and Paul Stewart ISBN:1576752984
Berrett-Koehler Publishers 2004 (280 pages)

By applying the concepts in this book, organizations can use customer service as a powerful tool for establishing and maintaining a distinct brand identity.

Table of Contents
Branded Customer Service—The New Competitive Edge
Introduction - On-Brand or Off-Brand
Part I - Linking the Big World of Branding to Customer Service
Chapter 1 - The Branding Imperative
Chapter 2 - Generic Customer Service Isn't Enough Anymore
Chapter 3 - Road Map to Branded Customer Service
Part II - Embedding On-Brand Service into Your Organizational DNA
Chapter 4 - Defining Your Brand DNA
Chapter 5 - Brand Power Tools: Likability, Reinforcement, and Consistency
Chapter 6 - Culture Change: The Bedrock of Brand Development
Chapter 7 - Communicating to Ensure Brand Resonance
Chapter 8 - Internal Word of Mouth: The Role of Brand Champions
Chapter 9 - Human Resources: The Window to the Corporate Soul
Part III - The Branded Customer Service Toolbox
Chapter 10 - Great Brands are Supported From Within: the Role of Management
Chapter 11 - Selling in a Branded World: Linking Your Brand Proposition to Your Sales Messages
Chapter 12 - The Toolbox of On-Brand Exercises
Final Thoughts
List of Figures
List of Tables
List of On-brands and Off-brands

Branded Customer Service(c) The New Competitive Edge
Branded Customer Service: The New Competitive Edge
ISBN: 1576752984
EAN: 2147483647
Year: 2006
Pages: 134
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