Perl Hacks

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Perl Hacks
By   chromatic , Damian Conway, Curtis "Ovid" Poe
Publisher: O'Reilly
Pub Date: May 2006
Print ISBN-10: 0-596-52674-1
Print ISBN-13: 978-0-59-652674-0
Pages: 296

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With more than a million dedicated programmers, Perl has proven to be
the best computing language for the latest trends in computing and
business. While other languages have stagnated, Perl remains fresh
thanks to its community-based development model, which encourages the
sharing of information among users. This tradition of knowledge-sharing
allows developers to find answers to almost any Perl question they can
dream up.

And you can find many of those answers right here in Perl Hacks. Like all books in O'Reilly's "Hacks" series, Perl Hacks appeals to a variety of programmers, whether you're a experienced developer or a dabbler who simply enjoys exploring technology. Each hack is a short lesson - some are practical exercises that teach you essential skills, while others merely illustrate some of the fun things that Perl can do. Most hacks have two parts: a direct answer to the immediate problem you need to solve right now and a deeper, subtler technique that you can adapt to other situations. Learn how to add CPAN shortcuts to the Firefox web browser, read files backwards, write graphical games in Perl, and much more.

For your convenience, Perl Hacks is divided by topic - not according to
any sense of relative difficulty - so you can skip around and stop at any hack you like. Chapters include:

  • Productivity Hacks

  • User Interaction

  • Data Munging

  • Working with Modules

  • Object Hacks

  • Debugging

Whether you're a newcomer or an expert, you'll find great value in Perl
Hacks, the only Perl guide that offers something
useful and fun for everyone.

Perl Hacks
Perl Hacks: Tips & Tools for Programming, Debugging, and Surviving
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