Chapter 6. System Initialization

In this chapter

  • Root File System page 130

  • Kernel's Last Boot Steps page 136

  • The Init Process page 139

  • Initial RAM Disk page 145

  • Using initramfs page 152

  • Shutdown page 153

  • Chapter Summary page 154

In Chapter 2, "Your First Embedded Experience," we pointed out that the Linux kernel itself is but a small part of any embedded Linux system. After the kernel has initialized itself, it must mount a root file system and execute a set of developer-defined initialization routines. In this chapter, we examine the details of post-kernel system initialization.

We begin by looking at the root file system and its layout. Next we develop and study a minimal system configuration. Later in this chapter, we add functionality to the minimal system configuration to produce useful example embedded system configurations. We complete the coverage of system initialization by introducing the initial ramdisk, or initrd, and its operation and use. The chapter concludes with a brief look at Linux shutdown logic.

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