Development of the Project Specification


Integrated Project Management
By Earl Hall, Juliane Johnson
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Chapter 2.  The Project, the Statement of Work, and the Specification

The following checklist is to be used when developing a project specification:

  1. What are we concerned about?

    • Improving a process

      - Reducing costs

      - Reducing time

      - Improving performance of the process deliverable

    • Addressing an opportunity

      - Meeting an emerging demand

      - Creating a new product or service

      - Entering a new market

      - Adding value to a product or service

    • Taking advantage of Information Systems Technology

      - Acquiring better information for decision making

      - Providing faster, more reliable customer service

      - Managing production and inventory operations

      - Providing faster, more reliable, more extensive employee services

      - Automating paper processes

      - Upgrading an information system

    • Improving customer relations

      - Attracting new customers

      - Entering a new market

      - Servicing a particular customer

  2. Why are we concerned?

    • We have a policy of continuous improvement.

    • Customers are asking for it.

    • Employees are asking for it.

    • Competitors are challenging us.

    • We must reduce costs.

  3. What alternative approaches have been considered?

    • What are the assumptions?

      (If we can do "this," "that" result will follow. What evidence supports this?)

    • What is the cost of not doing the project?

    • Could we outsource this project?

  4. What is achievable after the project is completed that is not achievable now?

  5. Are we very sure that the terms we are using mean the same thing to everyone involved with this proposed project? (Are we giving and receiving feedback?)

  6. What processes are known to be associated with the problem(s) to be over-come or with the achievement of the desired result? Can we chart these processes?

  7. What sources of expertise can help us best understand the proposed project?

    • Subject matter experts

    • Reading material

    • Histories and Gantt charts from similar projects

    • Reports on new developments in this field

  8. What are our mutual (sponsor and project manager) expectations regarding the time and resources to be used in the project?


    Integrated Project Management
    Integrated Project Management
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