Integrated Project Management
By Earl Hall, Juliane Johnson
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Chapter 15.  On Being an IPM Team Member

The roles played by IPM team members differ greatly from those played by teams using other project management methods. The big differences center around planning and communication.

Most frequently with other methods, the project manager does all the planning. Sometimes a project manager will seek task recommendations and time estimates from specialists who may end up doing the project work, but their input is advisory. The project manager will act on this input to develop the final project task list, the sequence list, and the task times estimates, and will assign team members tasks within the expected sequence, indicating how long each task should take. When a task worker or group completes a task(s), their association with the project often ends. Frequently, workers do not even discover they are involved in a project until just before their input is needed. They are simply assigned a task, and they do it.

IPM team members have far greater project involvement. They are recruited for the project and learn about the project's objectives and IPM methodology before planning begins. Each team member must accept the responsibility to ask questions and share in discussions during team meetings until they all understand the project's objectives and how they are to cooperatively plan the project and achieve its objectives. They must be prepared to help schedule meetings, participate in collaborative leadership at these meetings, reach outside their own experience to gather task suggestions, and develop task time and risk estimate data. They also must communicate effectively at the meetings and during the project's execution and contribute to the project's report.

If the team members accept these responsibilities and enthusiastically take ownership of a project, it has a very good chance for success. If not, the project will depend heavily on the project manager. It will take longer to execute and have less chance for success.


    Integrated Project Management
    Integrated Project Management
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