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Integrated Project Management
By Earl Hall, Juliane Johnson
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Chapter 8.  Risk Analysis Basics Time Buffer Calculations

There will be two, three, or sometimes four, two-hour meetings devoted to creating the Gantt chart. After it is completed, the project manager makes sure each team member has a copy. The project manager then explains to the team that the next step is creating the critical path chart and that he or she will do this for the team and distribute the chart as soon as it is finished. With the team's input at the final Gantt chart meeting and allowing just enough time to create and distribute the critical path chart, the project manager will schedule the first risk analysis meeting.

The only team member action items that follow the last Gantt chart meeting are: 1) review the critical path chart when you get it and be sure that you identify the tasks you the task leader are responsible for, and 2) make plans and be very sure that you can attend the next meeting the initial risk analysis meeting. This meeting is particularly important because the project manager will explain to all of the team members what is needed from them for risk analysis, how they can best gather the data that they must bring to these meetings, how this data will be used, and why risk analysis is so very important.


    Integrated Project Management
    Integrated Project Management
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