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h2xs program:
       -A option[h2xs program:0-A option]  
       -A option[h2xs program:0-A]  
       -n option[h2xs program:0-n option]   2nd  
       -X option[h2xs program:0-X option]  
       creating skeleton for new module with  
       creating skeleton for new module with;   2nd  
       creating XS boilerplate with;   2nd  
hash slice  
hash slice:
       manipulating hashes with;  
hash variable:
       assigning anonymous hash constructor  
       assigning odd number of elements   2nd  
       creating anonymous  
       creating, overlaying, and manipulating with slices  
       in PEGS[hash:PEGS]  
       localizing element with local  
       named parameters in  
       omitting quote marks in subscript  
       passing by reference  
       passing to subroutine  
       reference to  
       returning reference to;  
       sorting keys by corresponding values  
       tied.   [See tied hash]
hashes of hashes  
here doc:
       type of quoting  
hex character escape  
hex character escape:
       manipulating with pack and unpack  
hexadecimal numbers :
       in strings  
hierarchical package name ;  
Hip Owls book  
Hip Owls book:   [See also Mastering Regular Expressions[Hip Owls book:a]]
Hip Owls book;  
       formatting POD as;  

Effective Perl Programming. Writing Better Programs with Perl
Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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