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       alone inside braces;  
       as left-hand argument to =>[identifier:left-hand argument];  
       in syntax for variables[identifier:syntax for variables ]  
       inside hash subscript[identifier:hash subscript]  
       treated as string  
idiomatic Perl   2nd   3rd  
import method:
       arguments to use passed to  
       defined by module;  
importing names  
include path command line option;  
include path.   [See module include path]
incoming connection:
       spawning new child process for  
index operator:
       instead of regular expression   2nd  
indirect object.   [See method call syntax;]
inheritance list variable:
       changing at run-time  
       defines list of parent classes;  
       depth-first search for methods ;  
       multiple classes in  
       searching for methods;  
       SUPER:: package and  
       when empty  
inheritance.   [See object-oriented programming: inheritance]
input separator variable:
insecure data:
        taint checking;  
installation prefix:
       specified in Configure  
       when installing Perl[installation prefix:installing Perl]  
Internet protocols  
interpolation:   [See variable interpolation]
IO module  
IO::Dir module:
       passing dirhandle with;  
IO::File module:
       ioref and;  
       passing filehandle with;  
       preferred to alternatives  
IO::Socket module  
       creating with typeglob subscript  
       IO::File and  
       passing dirhandle with;  
isatty() function  
       XSUB magic variable;  

Effective Perl Programming. Writing Better Programs with Perl
Effective Perl Programming: Writing Better Programs with Perl
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