Chapter 9. Organize Text with Tables and Rules


52 Insert a Table

53 Customize Your Table for Effective Page Layout

54 Add Style to Your Table

55 Edit a Table

56 Use Horizontal Rules

Now that you have a feel for Netscape Composer's basic functions, you can start getting into the more advanced features to help you design your pages.

Using tables in Composer is going to be the basis of how you lock down the format of the page so that you can create more complex layouts. By default, as you have seen, Composer creates content in a single flow of content, just as a word processor would do. Maybe you've completed the chapter that uses GeoCities PageBuilder. You were able to use tables to line up text and images and to control how they looked on your page. If you haven't completed this yet, don't worry. You are going to work with tables now in Composer.

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