Section 49. Add Lists

49. Add Lists


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Presenting your data on the Web requires more planning sometimes than when you are writing for print media. On the Web, you have a limited amount of time to capture your viewers ' attention, so you need to present your information in blocks that the viewer can digest easily. (This is like how newspapers try to get as much "above the fold" as they can so you don't need to unfold the paper to get the gist of what's going on.) One way to do that in HTML is to use bulleted or numbered lists with the main points of your information so the viewer can quickly decide whether the information is of interest.

Add a Heading

Put your cursor at the beginning of the text you have on your page and type a heading. In my case, it is going to be Dangerous Dan McGrew Murdered in Bar-Room Mystery .

This is going to be the first thing the viewer sees, so I want to have a catchy headline.

Set your headline as an <H1> from the Paragraph Format drop-down menu.

49. Add Lists

Press Enter at the End of the Headline Two Times

This is going to give you the space to add your bullet points so that your reader will be able to scan to get an idea of the content of the entire page.

Add Key Points for Your Page

Enter a few key points about your page here and press return after each sentence .

Set Your Key Points As a Bulleted List

Highlight the sentences you just entered and then click on the Bulleted List icon from the Format Toolbar.

Your text should now be formatted as a bulleted list. Each line begins with a bullet. You can control what style bullet the list has by right clicking on a piece of the text and selecting List Properties from the context menu.

From the List Properties dialog box, you can also change the list from a bulleted list to a numbered list, which is useful if you are listing steps in a procedure or lesson like this one.

Change the Bulleted List to a Numbered List

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