Section 39. Download Netscape

39. Download Netscape


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Before you begin this task, you can check to see whether you have Netscape installed. Many computers come with Netscape even if it isn't the primary browser. To see whether you have Netscape installed, check in your Programs on the Start menu and look for a Netscape folder. If you have Netscape installed, you don't have to do the steps in this task.

Go to

The Netscape site is pretty interesting. Netscape is a web portal for the Web, as well as a company that makes a browser and a web development tool, so there is a lot of information on the page. Scroll down the page until you see Tools in the left column near the bottom of the page.


Web portal A website you set as your home page from which you begin browsing every time you log on to the Internet. On a web portal, you usually find news and opinions , advertising, useful applications such as a search engine, and so on. By getting you to set the web portal as your home page, the site can sell more advertising, which pays for the features you find on the page. The advantage of making a web portal your home page is that you can get many of the things you need to have on the Web at once instead of going to multiple sites. The downside of web portals is that you often get too much information to digest at one time.

Click on the Browser Central Link

The Browser Central page is a great resource. Not only can you get the Netscape application, but you also can access all sorts of useful services and plug-ins for the browser.

39. Download Netscape

Click Free Download

Click on the Free Download button in the middle of the page to go to the Netscape Download page. Here you can download the latest version of Netscape. You also have a choice of buying the program on CD if you want to have a copy around that you don't need to download. This option is fairly handy if you want to install on multiple machines or like to have backups of your software, or for those with limited bandwidth.


The Must Have Applications section on the Browser Central page is a great resource for browsing. Netscape has identified several things that really bother people while browsing, and has created links to multiple solutions for each annoyance, including Spyware being installed without your knowing it, getting spam and viruses, and having to sit through pop-up ads. Go through these links and try out some of the solutions when you have time.

Install Netscape

Double click on the NSSetup.exe file you just downloaded.

When the installer starts, click on the Next button, accept the license agreement, and click Next on the Setup Type screen to do a Recommended install of the application.

You can select extra components if you like as you go through the install process. At the end of the process, the installer downloads various components of the browser and installs them one by one. At the end of the install process, the new Netscape browser opens and the welcome page displays.

For this chapter, you need Composer, which is a part of the basic Netscape Navigator install, so you don't need to worry about which components are installed at this time.

Now that you have Netscape installed, you should find the Netscape Navigator application in the Programs section of your Setup menu.

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