Chapter 7. Getting Started with Netscape Composer

In This Chapter:

39 Download Netscape

40 About Netscape Composer

41 Set Page Properties

42 Set the Page Colors and Background

43 Add Text and Links

There are a number of great tools on the Web for creating web pages. In Part I, "Getting Started Building Web Pages," you learned about the basics of HTML and how pages worked. In Part II, "Build Your Own Website on GeoCities," you learned about building a website through a web service on GeoCities. In this part, you are going to work with a more advanced tool that will enable you to create pages locally on your machine that you can then upload to the Web.

Netscape Composer is one of the first web development applications that was available to users early in the history of the Web. It comes with the Netscape browser, so you might even have it already on your machine.

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