Section 28. Use Page Stats

28. Use Page Stats


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38 Use the Site Statistics

As people visit your site, GeoCities counts and saves information about each visitor that can help you know general information about your visitors , such as what browser they are using and from what pages they visit. You are going to look at them in more depth in the next chapter.

Normally, these stats are only for you to see; however, you might decide you want to let your users see the stats for a particular page.

Go to

The browser opens the Site Statistics page with all the pages listed that you have on your site.

Allow Anyone to View Your Site Statistics

In the upper-left side of the page, click on the Options link and, on the next page, click on the Allow Anyone to View My Site Statistics button; then click on Save .

You have to expressly allow GeoCities to display your site stats.

Copy the Code for Your Stats Link

In the Adding a Public Page Stats Link page, scroll down to the section labeled Medium and click on the Select Code button; then copy the code.

This is a little different than the other things you are adding to the page in this chapter. For the site stats, you need to pick which set of code you want to have Large, Medium , or Small and then copy the code and paste it in the page.

28. Use Page Stats

The Large code block will be easy for people to see, but takes up a lot of space on your page. The Medium code block is easy to see, but doesn't take up much space. The Small code block only leaves a small icon on your page that people might overlook. You can decide which one you want to use for your page.

Paste the Code for Your Stats Link

Go to PageBuilder and, in your page, find a spot where you would like to insert the link to the page statistics. Click on the Insert menu and select Forms and Scripts and then HTML Code .

In the Script Properties dialog box, paste the text you copied into the Script area; you don't need to add a Description . Click OK to close the dialog box and paste the code onto the page.

Preview Your Page

Move the script box to where you want it on your page and then preview your page.

The site stats link you added only shows up when you preview the page. The representation you see in the PageBuilder is just a placeholder, so you can resize it and move it around to where you want it on the page.

The stats link you added will only show the stats for that page to your visitor. If you want to have more than one page show stats, you need to add a link to each page.

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