Section 27. Add Special Features to Your Page

27. Add Special Features to Your Page


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24 Use the PageBuilder

25 Add Text and Graphics to the Page

26 Create Links to Other Pages

The PageBuilder applet has several special features you can add to your pages that you might want to use. It also enables you to create rollovers for images, which are especially effective for showing people they are rolling over an image that is active as a link.


The term rollover isn't an accident that happens to small animals running in front of your car. A rollover is very similar to a ToolTip in a Windows application. In the same way a small pop-up informs you what a tool image does in a Windows application toolbar, a website rollover announces an image link to content elsewhere on the Web or on your website. These are nice touches to add to your website.

Add a Rollover to Your Page

Double-click on the image on the upper right of your page to open the Select Picture dialog box. At the bottom of the dialog box in the Optional Picture Properties portion, set the Link to a Location drop-down box to Web URL . The Screen Tip text will appear if your visitor holds his mouse over the picture without moving for a few seconds. You can set that if you like.

27. Add Special Features to Your Page

In the Mouse-Over Picture text box, choose another image. This will be the image that appears when your visitor moves her mouse over the image. The image you select will automatically be sized to the same size as the image that is there so that the rollover won't have images of two different sizes. Click OK to close the applet.

Preview Your Page to Test the Rollover

Preview the image by clicking on the Preview icon. When the page comes up, move your cursor over the image and see how the rollover works.

Add an Add-on to Your Page

Click on the Add-ons icon in the applet. In the Add Cool Stuff to Your Page dialog box, you have several categories of things that you can add to your page. You are going to add several in the next tasks . For now, click on the Page Effects option in the Categories list. In the Add-ons column on the right, click on the Text Tail Add-on.

In the Text Tail Properties dialog box, add a message that is appropriate for your site. Set the speed to medium and the size to medium. You can set any other settings any way you like.

Preview Your Page

Preview the image by clicking on the Preview icon. When the page comes up, move your cursor around the page and notice that the text you added follows your cursor around the page.

I know this one is a little flashy, but sometimes this works out really well on your page.

Some of the effects don't work on all browsers, so you might want to preview the page in several browsers to see how the effect will look for different viewers .

Delete the Text Tail Applet

Select the Text Tail icon on the lower-left corner of the PageBuilder applet and press the Delete key.

As you work, you might find that the components you add to your page need to be removed. You can't do that easily in the PageWizard , but in the PageBuilder you can take away items as easily as you can add them.

Items that are added to the page that can't be seen on the page, such as the Text Tail Add-on, are represented by icons on the bottom of the window. To remove them, simply select them and press the Delete key.

Delete the Photo Caption

For items such as images and text areas that have a visual representation on the page in the PageBuilder applet, simply select the item and press the Delete key.

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