Section 164. Make the Sale

164. Make the Sale


161 Set Up an eBay Store

162 About Listing Items for Sale at Your Store


163 Market Your Store

When people buy items from your eBay store, it's a different experience from when they buy at a normal auction. Instead of bidding, they buy immediately. From your point of view, you don't do anything differentyou collect the money and ship the goods.

But you should understand your customer's buying experience, so here's how they'll buy from your store:

164. Make the Sale

Browse Your Store

Potential buyers come into the main page of your store, where they can browse for items. They'll be able to search through only your store and browse by the categories you've set up.

Click the Buy It Now Button

Rather than bid, as in a traditional auction, visitors to your store buy the item immediately by clicking the Buy It Now button.


All auctions include Time Left information, but in the instance of a Buy It Now item, you don't wait until the auction is over until the seller ships the goods to the buyer.

Buy the Item

Before actually buying the item, visitors to your eBay store get a chance to stop the sale or to go through with it. When they've decided to go through with the purchase, they buy itno bidding is required.

Pay for the Item

When you set up your store, you determined the method of payment and your buyers have to pay using one of your acceptable options. PayPal or credit cards are the best methods of payment because they do not require any handling on your part. If you've set up a store, you expect to do a high volume of business and so you can't afford to have to handle every payment.

Review Shipping Information

After the buyer has paid, he reviews his shipping information and submits it. The information is submitted to you in the same way it is in a regular auction. For details, see 150 Ship the Goods .

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