Chapter 15. Retouching a Photograph with Paint Shop Pro


90 About Removing Scratches, Specks, and Holes

91 Remove Scratches Automatically

92 Repair Scratches Manually

93 Remove Specks and Spots

94 Repair Holes and Tears

95 Correct Red Eye

96 Remove Freckles and Minor Blemishes

97 Whiten Teeth

98 Awaken Tired Eyes

A photograph used to be a permanent record of a singular moment in time. With digital imaging, however, a photograph can be improved, enhanced, and even fundamentally changed to hide the "truth" of the original moment it captured. Through retouching, you can repair minor flaws such as scratches and holes and remove distortion caused by the camera lens or high file compression. You can even improve a human subject, removing red eye, erasing freckles and blemishes, and whitening teeth. In this chapter, I'll teach you how to use Paint Shop Pro's (PSP's) tools and filters to retouch your photographs and make them as good as new (or even better!).

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