Section 15. Configure a .NET Passport for a User Account

15. Configure a .NET Passport for a User Account


Create a User Account

Each user account on a computer running Windows XP can be associated with a Microsoft .NET Passport. The purpose of the passport is to identify the user when he accesses certain Microsoft content on the Web, including personalized web pages and other tools such as Microsoft's Instant Messaging service. The .NET Passport settings must be configured by each individual user (even an administrator cannot configure the passport for another user). Both Computer administrator and Limited accounts can be associated with a .NET Passport.

Key Term

.NET Passport A user account that provides access to personalized and special Microsoft web content. The Passport is really just an email account with Microsoft; anyone who signs up for a Microsoft Hotmail account ( automatically has a .NET Passport (which uses the email address and password established for the Hotmail account).


You sign up for a .NET Passport by registering for a Microsoft Hotmail email account. Although you can sign up for the account during the process of associating the passport with your Windows user account, you might want to register for the Hotmail account before you begin the process of creating a .NET Passport (it just makes things easier). Go to to sign up. You will establish an email account name and account password during the signup process.

Configure a .NET Passport for a User Account

Select Your User Account

In the User Accounts window (select User Accounts in the Control Panel to open this window), select your user account. You must select your own account; you cannot configure a .NET Passport for an account other than your own.


When a Limited user accesses the User Accounts window, the only options available apply to that user. For the user to associate a .NET Passport with his user account, the user selects the Set up my account to use a .NET Passport task after opening the User Accounts window.

Select Set Up My Account to Use a .NET Passport

In the task list for the selected user account (your own account), select the Set up my account to use a .NET Passport task. The .NET Passport Wizard opens. Click Next to bypass the initial wizard screen.

Choose the Use My Existing Email Account Option

Assuming that you have already signed up for a Hotmail email account as suggested earlier, on the next wizard screen, make sure that the Yes, use my existing email address option is selected. Then click Next. The next screen verifies that you will sign in with your .NET credentials. Click Next to continue.

Sign In with .NET Credentials

Enter your Hotmail email account address and then enter your Hotmail account password. Click Next to continue. The final wizard screen appears. Click Finish. Now when you log on to the system, your .NET Passport will automatically be activated. As already mentioned, a .NET Passport allows access to special Microsoft web content such as My MSN ( The .NET Passport can also be associated with subscriptions you have purchased from Microsoft, such as the paid subscription for the Microsoft Developers Network (MSDN). To use the MSDN subscription and log on to the MSDN site, you must have a .NET Passport to associate with the subscription.

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