Adding Page Borders

You can place borders around the edges of your pages. This gives you a design element that helps emphasize the objects that are placed within these borders.

When you create a new publication using a design template or a design set, the page border for the publication might be part of the design that you select for that particular publication. However, if you want to place a border around pages in a publication you created from a blank publication template (or by inserting a new page), you can use the Publications Design task pane.

To place a border around a publication page, follow these steps:

  1. If the task pane is not open in the Publisher application window, click View , then Task Pane .

  2. At the top of the current task pane, click the drop-down arrow and select Publication Designs .

  3. In the Publications Design task pane, make sure the Publications Design option is selected. A number of publication designs including design elements and borders appear at the bottom of the task pane (see Figure 9.2).

    Figure 9.2. Different border types can be found in the different publication designs provided.


  4. Select the design (with border) that you want to apply to the publication.


Open the Publication Designs Task Pane from the Format Menu You can also open the Publication Designs task pane by selecting Format, Publication Designs.

You can try out as many of the border designs as you want. When you find the border you want to use, select it. Save the publication. You can then close the task pane, if you want.

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