Inserting a Picture

Publisher provides you with a lot of flexibility as to the types of picture objects that you can add to your publication pages. You can add a picture file to a page, or you can choose to add a clip art image from the extensive clip art library that comes with Microsoft Office.

Pictures can come in a variety of file types, and pictures can consist of files you have on disk, items you copy from the World Wide Web, or pictures that you create using a scanner or a digital camera.

Publisher supports a wide variety of picture file formats that you can insert into a publication. Table 8.1 lists some of the most common picture file types.

Table 8.1. Picture File Formats Publisher Can Use

File Type


Windows Bitmap (Windows Paint)




Encapsulated PostScript (QuarkXPress)


Graphics Interchange Format (CompuServe format)


Joint Photographics Expert Group (commonly used on the World Wide Web)

.jpeg or .jpg

Kodak PhotoCD and Pro PhotoCD


PC Paintbrush


Tagged Image File Format (TIFF) (PhotoDraw)


Windows Metafile (Microsoft Word Clip Art)


WordPerfect Graphics


Depending on the source of your image (clip art, or a picture file, or an image inserted from a scanner or camera), the procedure for inserting the picture varies slightly; the common avenue for inserting the image is the Picture Frame tool on the Objects toolbar, and then the steps required to complete the process will vary. For example, in the case of clip art insertions, you will find that the Clip Art task pane opens, allowing you to select the clip art that you will place on the page. In the case of a scanner or camera, you will actually be able to "pull" the image directly from either device.

Let's take a look at inserting a picture from a file on your computer; follow these steps:

  1. Click the Picture Frame tool on the Objects toolbar. A list of picture tools appears: Clip Art, Picture from File, Empty Picture Frame, and From Scanner and or Camera.

  2. Select Picture from File.

  3. Place the mouse pointer on the page and drag to create the picture frame. The Insert Picture dialog box appears (see Figure 8.1).

    Figure 8.1. Use the Insert Picture dialog box to locate the picture file that you will place in your picture frame.


  4. Use the Look In drop-down arrow to select the drive on which the picture resides.

  5. Double-click the folder that holds the file.

  6. When you have selected the picture file, click the Insert button. The picture is placed in the picture frame on the publication page.

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