Opening an Existing Publication

You will probably find that you end up with a library of saved publications that you use on a fairly regular basis. Items such as certificates, invitation cards, and various business forms can be created and saved to your computer and then used when needed.


Saving Is Not Just for Finished Publications If you've worked on a publication and don't really have its design or colors the way you want, you can, of course, save the file and then work on it again at your convenience.

The great thing about recycling publications in this way is that you take the time to design them well once, and then you can open them and edit them to fit your particular need. To open an existing publication, follow these steps:

  1. In the Publisher window, select the File menu, and then select Open . The Open Publication dialog box appears (see Figure 5.1).

    Figure 5.1. Select a location on your computer to open a specific file.



    Use the Open Button graphics/open.gif To quickly open a publication, click the Open button on the Publisher Standard toolbar.

  2. In the Open Publication dialog box, click the Look In drop-down box to select the drive on which your file is located.

  3. After you select a drive, double-click the appropriate folder in the folder list that appears.

  4. Select the file you want to open, and then click Open . The publication opens in the Publisher window.

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