Freezing a Column

Another useful manipulation of the field columns in an Access table that can make data entry easier is freezing a column. For example, if a table has a large number of fields, as you move to the right in the table during data entry, fields in the beginning of the table scroll off the screen. This can be very annoying if you lose your place, because you might not remember which customer you were entering data for.

You can freeze columns so that they remain on the screen even when you scroll to the far right of a table record. Follow these steps:

  1. Click the column heading of the field column you want to freeze. This selects the entire column of data.

  2. Click the Format menu; then click Freeze Columns .

  3. The frozen field column moves over to the first field position in the table. Click anywhere in the table to deselect the field column.

  4. When you move through the fields in a record toward the far right of the table, the frozen field column remains on the screen. This allows you to see important data such as the customer's name as you attempt to enter other data into a particular record.

You can freeze multiple columns if you want, such as the Last Name field and the First Name field. When you want to unfreeze the column or columns in the table, select the Format menu, and then select Unfreeze All Columns .

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