Splitting Worksheets

When you work with very large worksheets, you might actually want to split the worksheet into multiple windows . This enables you to view the same worksheet in different windows . You can then scroll through the multiple copies of the same worksheet and compare data in cells that are normally far apart in the worksheet.

Figure 7.3 shows a worksheet that has been split into multiple panes. Each "copy" of the worksheet will have its own set of vertical and horizontal scrollbars.

Figure 7.3. You can split a worksheet into two windows, making it easy to compare data in the worksheet.


To split a worksheet, follow these steps:

  1. Click in the cell where you want to create the split. A split appears to the left of the selected cell and above the selected cell .

  2. You can adjust the vertical or horizontal split bars using the mouse. Place the mouse on the split bar and drag it to a new location.

  3. You can use the scrollbars in the different split panes to view data in the worksheet (different data can be viewed in each pane).

To remove the split, select the Window menu and select Remove Split .


Create Splits with the Split Boxes You can also create a vertical or horizontal split in a worksheet by using the split boxes. A horizontal split box rests just above the vertical scrollbar, and a vertical split box rests on the far right of the horizontal scrollbar. Place your mouse on either of these split boxes and drag them onto the worksheet to create a split bar.

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