Splitting the Document Window

Another useful way to view your documents is to split the current document window into two panes. This allows you to view the same document in both panes, which is particularly useful when you want to view two different parts of the same document.

You can use the two panes to drag and drop information from one part of a document into another. Remember that changes you make in either of the split panes will affect the document.

To split the document screen into two panes, select Window , Split . A horizontal split appears across the document window. Notice that as you move the mouse in the document window, the split bar moves with it. Place the mouse where you want to split the document window, and then click the left mouse button.

A set of vertical and horizontal scrollbars appears for each pane in the split window (see Figure 8.8). Use the scrollbars in each pane as needed.

Figure 8.8. You can split the document screen to view different areas of a long document.


When you have finished working in the split document window, select Window , and then Remove Split . The splitter bar is removed from the document.


Split a Window Using the Splitter Bar You can split a document window by manually dragging the splitter bar down into the document window. Place the mouse just above the Up arrow on the vertical scrollbar on the splitter bar. Your mouse becomes a splitter sizing tool. Drag to split the window as needed, and then click the mouse to set the bar.

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