Placing a Border Around a Page

If you find that you would like to place a border around an entire page or pages in your document, you need to use the Page Border feature.

Follow these steps to place a border around the entire page:

  1. Open the Borders and Shading dialog box (click the Format menu and select Borders and Shading ) and click the Page Border tab (see Figure 6.4).

    Figure 6.4. Borders can be placed around an entire page.


  2. Select the Border setting and style as you would for a paragraph border.

  3. Click the Apply To list drop-down arrow and select one of the following:

    • Whole Document Places a border around each page in the document.

    • This Section Places a border around each page in the current section of the document.

    • This Section-First Page Only Places a border around the first page of the current section.

    • This Section-All Except First Page Places a border around each page of the current section except the first page of the section.

To put a border around pages in a section, you must place sections in your document. Sections enable you to break a large document into smaller parts that can have radically different formatting attributes. For more about sections and how to create them, see Lesson 20, "Working with Larger Documents."


Section A portion of a document that has been defined as a discrete part. Each section can then have different formatting and even headers and footers defined for the section.

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