Viewing Notes

The Notes folder provides various views for organizing and viewing your notes. The default view is Icons, but you can change the view using the Current View pane on the Navigation pane or the Current View drop-down list on the Advanced toolbar. Figure 16.3 shows the Notes folder in the default view.

Figure 16.3. This view displays the notes in Icons view.


You can choose to display your Notes folder in any of the following views:

  • Icons Displays the notes as note icons with the message (or a portion of the message) displayed below the icon.

  • Notes List Displays the notes in a list, showing the title and note contents in the Subject column, the creation date and time, and the categories.

  • Last Seven Days Displays all notes written in the last seven days, by subject, creation date, and categories.

  • By Category Displays the categories; double-click a category to show its contents.

  • By Color Displays notes by their color. Double-click a color to display the notes.

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