Moving and Copying Items to Another Folder

You can move items from one folder in Outlook to another; for example, you can create a folder to store all messages pertaining to a specific account or just make a folder that holds personal messages instead of business- related messages. You can easily move any messages to a new folder and then open them later to read them or to reply to them.

To move an item to another folder, follow these steps:

  1. From the Inbox or any Outlook folder, select the message or messages you want to move.

  2. Select Edit , Move to Folder . The Move Items dialog box appears (see Figure 6.6).

    Figure 6.6. Choose the folder in which you want to store the message or messages.


  3. In the Move Items dialog box, select the folder to which you want to move the message or messages.

  4. Click OK . The message or messages are moved to the destination folder.


Quickly Move Items You can quickly move any message or other Outlook item by dragging it from the open folder in which it resides to any folder icon in the Outlook bar.

You can also copy items from one folder to another (rather than moving them). Select the items you want to copy. Then select Edit, Copy to Folder . Specify the location that you want to copy the items to in the Copy Items dialog box (which is similar to the Move Items dialog box shown in Figure 6.6) and then click OK .

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