Chapter 10. Creating Icons and Mouse Pointers

In this chapter

  • How desktop icons are stored

  • Downloading desktop icon sets

  • Creating icons the Microsoft way

  • Working with icon-making software

  • Creating a mouse pointer collection

Desktop icons are important representations of Windows programs, utilities, and files and provide quick access to Windows resources and programs. Creating custom icons enables you to match the icons with the concept you have thought through for a particular theme or skin. Mouse pointers are also an important visual aspect of working in Windows. This chapter covers some of the ways you can create your own icons and mouse pointers.

Creating icons and mouse pointers is a lot of fun, and you can take several different approaches, all of which are satisfying in terms of the results. Although icons and mouse pointers play only a small part in creating an overall theme or skin, they do allow you to add detail and the finishing touch to your themes and skins. Let's begin our discussion with how icons are stored in Windows XP; then we can look at some of the options for building an icon and mouse pointer library by either downloading or creating these elements from scratch.

    Skinning Windows XP
    Skinning Windows XP
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