Understanding Object Desktop

As you can see from the previous sections, WindowBlinds can do a lot in terms of customizing the Windows interface. But if you want to go further, Stardock provides a suite of programs that supplies you with complete and advanced control of the look and feel of the Windows GUI. This set of tools is called Object Desktop, and WindowBlinds is one application within the suite.

Some of the other member applications of Object Desktop are

  • Theme Manager Theme Manager provides a single interface for applying themes and skins. It enables you to change settings that are related to other Object Desktop members, such as WindowBlinds. We discuss Theme Manager later in this chapter.

  • Icon Packager This application gives you complete control over the Windows interface icons. We discuss Icon Packager in Chapter 10.

  • Icon Developer This application enables you to create icons for the Windows GUI. We discuss Icon Developer in Chapter 10.

  • SkinStudio This skin editor enables you to create and edit your own skins. SkinStudio is discussed in Chapter 9.

  • DesktopX DesktopX is really a desktop extender and provides for the complete customization of Windows, including the addition of custom program interfaces. We discuss DesktopX in Chapter 14.

Other applications are included in the Object Desktop that make it easier to manipulate GUI elements, work with Zip files, and even monitor the use of your computer's disk space. Considering all the tools you get in Object Desktop, it makes sense to consider purchasing it rather than one or two of the skinning-related products provided by Stardock.

    Skinning Windows XP
    Skinning Windows XP
    ISBN: 078973348X
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    Authors: Joe Habraken

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