Downloading and Installing Style XP

You can download Style XP from the TGTSoft website ( After you have accessed the home page for TGTSoft, click the Download link on the left side of the page. This takes you to the product download page shown in Figure 6.2.

Figure 6.2. The Style XP download page.

Style XP is unique in terms of the software download in that there are separate downloads for "Ladies" and "Men." And while I'm not sure whether this gender differentiation is politically correct or not (or if it is even necessary), the two downloads exist because the Ladies version contains a different set of default skins from the Men's version. But because you add skins and other items via downloads, I don't know if the defaults available to the user make that much difference.

Whichever the case, click the Download Free Trial link for either the Ladies or Men full install. A file download box appears. Click Save and then specify the location for the download file.

Style XP (both the Ladies and Men versions) downloads as a Zip file. When the download is complete, double-click the Zip file and use the Extraction Wizard to extract the Style XP executable file.

After you have extracted the Style XP executable (see Figure 6.3), double-click the file to begin the installation. Follow the steps provided by the installation setup wizard to install Style XP on your computer.

Figure 6.3. Double-click the Style XP executable to begin the software installation.

When you have completed the installation, you have an option to start Style XP. After Style XP is up and running, you can explore the Style XP interface (as we do in the next section).


The Style XP you download and install is a full-blown copy of the skinning software, but it has a 30-day trial period. To purchase a registration code for the software, return to the home page and click the Purchase link. This page walks you through the steps of buying a registration code and then registering the Style XP software you have downloaded and installed.

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