Chapter 1. Understanding the Windows XP Graphical User Interface

In this chapter

  • The customization possibilities for Windows XP

  • The evolution of the Windows XP GUI

  • The items that make up the Windows GUI

  • Understanding why Windows XP can be skinned

  • Understanding Windows themes

  • Understanding Windows visual styles

  • What is a Windows skin?

Windows XP provides a truly exciting and flexible environment in terms of user customization. You can make your own visual impact on how the Windows XP graphical user interface (GUI) looks and operates.

The overall look and feel of the Windows XP interface has evolved over time and is a far cry from the original command-line interface provided by Microsoft DOS. This chapter examines the possibilities for customizing the Windows XP environment and discusses the difference between a theme (a collection of interface elements), a visual style (colors and graphics that are part of the interface), and a skin (a combination of theme and visual style elements). We also discuss the reason Windows XP provides a totally customizable interface, compared to earlier versions of the Windows operating system.

    Skinning Windows XP
    Skinning Windows XP
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