75. Move and Edit Bookmarks

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Occasionally, after you've accumulated a number of bookmarks you'll want to organize them in a way that makes them easy to find. You may want to edit the bookmarks so that their titles appear a certain way in your bookmark menu. This task will show you how to do this.

Before You Begin

73 Create a Bookmark

74 About Managing Bookmarks

Open Bookmarks Manager

From the Firefox window, select Bookmarks, Manage Bookmarks. The Bookmarks Manager opens.

Move Bookmark

Expand the Bookmarks Toolbar folder to view the "ready-made" folders provided by Firefox. To move a bookmark from the main folder to one of the toolbar folders (or from any folder to another folder), drag the bookmark to the new location.


If you don't like dragging the bookmarks around in the Bookmarks Manager window to move them, select a bookmark that you want to move and then click the Move button on the toolbar. The Choose Folder dialog box opens. Choose the folder that is the destination for the bookmark and then click OK.

Open Bookmark Properties

If you want to change the properties for a bookmark such as the bookmark text or the URL for the bookmark, select a bookmark and then select Properties. The Properties dialog box opens for that bookmark.

Change Bookmark Properties

Change the Name and Location information as needed. You can also enter keywords for the site and a description. After you have finished working with the bookmark's properties, click OK.

Delete Bookmark

To delete a bookmark, select the bookmark and then select the Delete button on the toolbar. The bookmark is removed from the list.


The Bookmarks Manager also makes it easy for you to add new separator lines between the folders and bookmarks in the Bookmarks list. Select a folder (a position) in the list and then select the New Separator button on the toolbar.


You can add new divider lines and folders directly to the Bookmarks list. Right-click on a bookmark and select the appropriate choice from the shortcut menu.

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