74. About Managing Bookmarks

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68 Browse Web Pages

73 Create a Bookmark

Firefox allows you to manage the bookmarks that you create. You can change link-specific information such as the name and address of the bookmark. You can also move and delete bookmarks as needed and create new folders to hold your bookmarks.

You manage your bookmarks In the Bookmarks Manager, which allows you to sort bookmarks, change bookmark properties, and perform other tasks such as moving and deleting bookmarks.

The Bookmarks Manager allows you to manage your bookmarks.

The Bookmarks Manager also allows you to import and export bookmark lists. This allows you to import the bookmarks from another computer and web browser. If you use more than one computer running NLD, you can make sure that the systems share the same bookmarks by exporting (from NLD) and then importing (from NLD) as needed. The import and export functions are available on the Bookmarks Manager's File menu.

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