76. Sort Bookmarks

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Depending on the number of bookmarks that you have, you might find it advantageous when you are working in the Bookmarks Manager to be able to sort the folders and bookmarks. You can sort these items alphabetically, by keyword, by description, and even by last visited. This ability to sort makes it easier to manage the bookmarks.

More importantly, you can sort bookmarks directly in the Bookmarks list when you are working in Firefox. This makes it easy to quickly find a bookmark by sorting the various folders and bookmarks alphabetically.

Before You Begin

73 Create a Bookmark

74 About Managing Bookmarks

75 Move and Edit Bookmarks

Sort Items in the Bookmarks Manager

In the Bookmarks Manager select the View menu, then select one of the sort options such as Sorted by Name or Sorted by Last Visited. The folders and bookmarks within the folders are sorted using your sort choice. You can now manage the bookmarks as needed using the various Bookmarks Manager features. To close the Bookmarks Manager; click the Close button.


Sorting items in the Bookmarks Manager does not sort the bookmarks on the Bookmarks menu. You have to sort the menu items using the shortcut menu for a bookmark.

Sort Items on the Bookmarks Menu

When you are working in the Firefox window, select the Bookmarks menu; then point to a folder to open the list of bookmarks it contains. To sort the bookmarks alphabetically, right-click and select Sort by Name. The bookmarks in the folder are sorted by name.

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