172. About Novell iFolder

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Novell iFolder is a network and Net service that allows you to access a personal folder on a server (the iFolder server can be a NetWare, SUSE, or Microsoft Windows server configured with the iFolder service). The items in the local folder are synchronized with your iFolder on the server. This provides seamless access to the files that you need as if they exist locally, and it also backs up these files in the iFolder on the server.

You can access your folder on the iFolder server from any computer that provides access to an iFolder client. NLD provides an iFolder client that is installed during the NLD installation process.

In cases where you have access to a computer but not to an iFolder client, you can access your iFolder from any computer that has a web browser. As files are moved over the network and/or the Internet, they are encrypted, protecting your data.

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    Novell Linux Desktop 9. User's Handbook
    Novell Linux Desktop 9 Users Handbook
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