167. Create Task Lists

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You can create multiple task lists. Each task list appears in the left pane of the Task view. Each task list has its own color coding, so you can have task lists for various projects that you are working on. All tasks appear in the Task view when all lists are selected. To view the tasks in a particular list, make sure that it is the only list selected in the left pane of the List view.

Open Add Task List Dialog

Right-click on an existing task list in the left pane of the Task view (such as the Personal task list). On the shortcut menu select New Task List.

Create New Task List

Enter a name for the task list and select a color for the list (which is used to color code tasks in that list). To create the new list select Add Task List.

When you create a new task, you can assign it to a particular task list on the task's Task tab using the Group drop-down list.

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