148. Receive and Reply to Email

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Newly received messages are placed in your Inbox (unless you have set up a rule that sends that particular message to the Junk or other folder). You can quickly reply to any received message or forward that message to another recipient if necessary.

Select Send and Receive

To check your mail server for new mail, select Send/Receive on the Evolution toolbar. New email messages are placed in your Inbox (and any unsent messages are sent from your Outbox).

Select and Preview Received Message

Select a newly received message to view it in the Preview pane.

Open Message

If you want to open a message in a separate window, double-click the message.

Select Reply

To reply to the message select Reply on the message toolbar (or on the Evolution toolbar if you are previewing the message). A new message window opens for your reply.


To send the reply message that you create to all the recipients of the original message, select Reply All. This sends the reply to the original sender and all the original recipients.

Reply to Message

Add text and other information as needed to your reply message (including attachments if applicable). Then select Send.


You can also forward a selected or open message. Select the Forward button on the toolbar. Then address the forwarded message and add additional body text as needed.

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