136. Select a Slide Transition

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Slide transitions allow you to add some interest and glitz to your slide presentations. A transition uses a special effect (such as dissolve), and each slide in a presentation can be assigned a different transition type. You see the transitions as you advance from the current slide to the next slide during your slide show.

Open Slide Transition Dialog

To add a transition to the current slide, select the Slide Show, Slide Transition from the menu. The Slide Transition dialog box opens.

Select and Preview Transition

Select the Preview button on the top right of the Slide Transition dialog box (this allows you to preview the transition). Then select a transition from the transition list. Select the Assign button (the check mark button); a preview of the transition appears in the Preview window when you assign the transition to the slide (using the Assign button).

Set Timing and Select Sound

Select the Extras button on the top left of the Slide Transition dialog box. This screen allows you to add automatic timings for the transition and add a sound effect to the transition.

Select the Automatic Transition button and then use the time spinner box to set the timing for the transition. To add a sound effect to the transition, select the Sound button and then select a sound from the list. When you select the Assign button, the timing and the sound are assigned to the transition and you receive a preview in the Preview window. After you have completed your transition settings, you can close the Slide Transition dialog box and the Preview box.

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