106. Move Text

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The document editing process usually entails moving text from one place to another within the document. Writer makes it easy for you to move text with the Cut and Paste commands. You can also drag and drop selected text anywhere in the document or drag text from one document to another.

Drag Text to New Location

Select the text that you want to move. Drag the selected text to a new location in the document. The mouse pointer becomes a drag-and-drop pointer as you drag the text.

Cut Selected Text

If you don't like dragging text, you can use Cut and Paste. Select the text that you want to move and then select Edit, Cut. The text is removed from the document.


You can cut and paste text faster using the Cut and Paste buttons on the Function bar.

Paste Selected Text

Place the cursor in the document at the position where you want to paste the text that was cut. Select Edit, Paste to paste the text into the document.


The Paste Special command on the Edit menu allows you to paste text without the formatting that has been assigned to it.

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