99. Format Characters

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Formatting text characters can be done on-the-fly as you type or edit using the font formatting commands on the Object bar. You can also change character formatting attributes in the Character dialog box.

Before You Begin

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Select Text

Select the text that you want to format in the document. Click and drag to select text, double-click to select words, or triple-click to select lines.


You can toggle the various font attributes buttons on the Object bar on and off as needed as you type, if you want. Typically, it is almost faster to format the text after the fact, after you have typed your rough draft.

Select Font Attributes from Object Bar

After the text is selected, select a character formatting attribute from the Object bar such as Font, Bold, Italics, and so on. You can also use the Font Color button to change the font color.


Place the mouse on any button on the Object bar for a tip related to that button. If you want to see more information, select Help, Extended Tips. This provides more detailed tips for the various toolbar buttons.

Open Character Dialog

To have access to all the font attribute and alignment possibilities for selected text you can use the Character dialog box; select Format, Character. The Character dialog box opens.

Select Character Attributes in Character Dialog

In the Character dialog box, set character attributes such as font, font size, and typeface on the Font tab.

To change font color and add attributes such as underlining, select the Font Effects tab. This tab also provides character effects such as all capitals and embossing.

To make the selected text superscript or subscript, select the Position tab and select the appropriate options. On this tab, you can also change the spacing for the selected text and rotate text.

To add a background to the selected text, select the Background tab. Select a color for the background. When you have finished working in the Character dialog box, click OK.

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