100. Format Paragraphs

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You can change paragraph formatting attributes using buttons on the Object bar, such as the alignment buttons Align Left, Centered, and Align Right. You can also increase and decrease the indent for the paragraph. To control paragraph attributes such as line spacing, numbering attributes, and border formats, you need to access the Paragraph dialog box.

Before You Begin

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Select Paragraph

Select the paragraphs that you want to format in the document (if you are formatting only one paragraph, place the cursor in that paragraph). If you want to format all the paragraphs in the document, select Edit, Select All.

Select Paragraph Formatting

To change the paragraph formatting for the selection, select a button on the Object bar such as the Increase Indent button (or an attribute such as a numbered or bulleted list).


We normally think of paragraphs as several sentences, but every line followed by a line break (the Enter key) is really a paragraph in terms of formatting attributes particularly when you use the numbered or bulleted list formats.

Open Paragraph Dialog

To access additional paragraph formatting attributes, you need to open the Paragraph dialog box. Select Format, Paragraph. The Paragraph dialog box opens.

Set Paragraph Attributes

On the Indents & Spacing tab set the indent, spacing before and after, and the line spacing for the paragraph as needed.

Select the Alignment tab. Set the alignment for the selected paragraph (or paragraphs) by selecting the Left, Right, Center, or Justified option buttons.


The Numbering tab allows you to control the numbering in your numbered lists. You can choose to start at a certain number or restart a numbered list with the current paragraph.

To set border options for the paragraph or paragraphs, select the Borders tab. Select one of the line arrangements to enable borders or use the user-defined grid to specify your own line arrangement (click in the grid to place a line). Use the Style list to select a style for the border. To set a color for the border lines use the Color drop-down list. When you have finished selecting your paragraph formatting settings, click OK.


You can set tabs for the selected paragraph or paragraphs on the Tabs tab of the Paragraph dialog box. However, it is easier to create tabs directly on the Writer ruler. With a paragraph or paragraphs selected, select the tab type on the far left of the ruler (the default tab type is Left) and then click on the ruler at the position where you want to place the tab. Every paragraph (meaning every line followed by a line break) can have its own unique tab settings.

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