Chapter 9. Using Other Internet Tools

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80 About Internet Email Accounts

81 Configure an Email Client

82 About Instant Messaging

83 Configure Gaim Instant Messenger

84 Use Gaim Instant Messenger

85 About Internet Usenet Newsgroups

86 Configure the Pan News Reader

87 Use the Pan News Reader

88 About Other NLD Internet Communication Tools

The World Wide Web isn't the only communication medium that takes advantage of the Internet's infrastructure. In this chapter we look at some other strategies for communication on the Internet including email, instant messaging, and Internet newsgroups.

NLD comes with a number of Internet tools preinstalled. You can quickly get your email account up and running with Novell Evolution (a powerful email client and information manager). And NLD also offers the Gaim Instant Messenger, which can be used for instant messaging on a variety of IM platforms including AOL, ICQ, Jabber, Yahoo, and MSN. You can also take advantage of the wealth of information held in Usenet newsgroups by configuring and using the preinstalled Pan News Reader.

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