79. Manage Cookies

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You can also view the cookies set on your system and delete selected cookies. If you want, you can delete all cookies and then choose to negate sites from setting cookies when you have previously deleted those sites' cookies from your system.

Before You Begin

77 About Cookies and Firefox

78 Accept and Reject Cookies

Open Stored Cookies Dialog

From the Privacy pane of the Firefox Preferences dialog box (select Edit, Preferences, Privacy), select the View Cookies button. The Stored Cookies dialog box opens.

Select and Delete Cookies

To delete a cookie, select the cookie and then select Remove Cookie. Repeat as necessary. If you want to remove all the cookies, select the Remove All Cookies button. If you want to keep sites from setting cookies after you have deleted the cookies from those sites, select the Don't Allow Sites That Set Removed Cookies to Set Future Cookies check box.

After you have viewed and/or deleted cookies, click OK. To close the Preferences dialog box, click OK again.

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