Sharing Folders and Directories

The actual mechanics of sharing files on the LAN will differ depending on the NOS you are using on your network. But one common factor for server-based networks is that they require a user who has administrative rights to share a folder (or directory, as it is referred to on a NetWare network) on a network server. Depending on the size of the network, there may only be one useryou the administratorwho has the ability to create shared folders on network servers (which differs greatly from a peer-to-peer networking environment, where users can create shares on their computers as they see fit).

Shared volumes or folders on a network server as often referred to as shares. A network share is a volume or folder on a server that is made available to users on the network.

The level of access that a user on the network has to a network share will depend on the rights that are given to a user in relation to that share. User access rights can be assigned by user or more appropriately by group . A group is a logical administrative and security container. Security rights and access levels to objects on the network, such as shares, can be assigned to groups. This means that any user who is made a member of a particular group will also be supplied the same rights and access levels that have been assigned to the group. More about groups and security issues are discussed in Chapter 20, "A Network Security Primer".

As already mentioned, how shared directories and folders are actually created will depend on the NOS you are using. For more about the particulars of sharing resources in the NetWare, Windows Server 2003, and Linux environments see Chapters 8, 9, and 10, respectively.

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