Network Players: Users and Administrators

The fact that two different types of computersclients and serversexist on the network means that the people on the network will also play different roles. Users make up most of the folks you find on a PC network. They are there to access network resources. A user requires a user logon and password to gain access to the network.

The person who serves as the caretaker of the network is the network administrator . The administrator controls the network servers. This means that network access and the level of access is controlled by the administrator using the tools provided by the NOS.

Most network operating systems supply the network administrator with the ability to monitor network use, including user logons . Tools for monitoring hardware parameters such as memory and processor usage on a server are also typically available. The administrator is also responsible for disaster planning and securing the network resources from outside attack and virus infestation.

One of the most difficult aspects of being a network administrator is convincing users that the access levels and security policies used on the network are there for a purposeand that purpose is to protect the valuable corporate resources found on the network. Although network administrators are typically thought of as dime-store dictators or control freaks by the users, administrators are typically faced with long hours and a great deal of hard work to keep their networks up and running. They certainly don't wear beepers as a fashion accessory .



There is certainly more to a network administrator's job than just dealing with user and hardware problems. Network administrators also may supervise technical employees and be responsible for the budgeting and procurement related to the computer network.

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