Chapter 19. Network Troubleshooting

In this chapter

  • Educating your users to work on the network

  • Using event logs to determine server problems

  • Setting performance baselines for network servers

  • Monitoring network traffic

  • Checking network connections

Most of the information supplied by this book thus far has revolved around either a theoretical look at how things work on a network, such as protocols and data communication media, or the nuts and bolts of setting up and configuring network servers and clients . An important aspect of network administration that we have yet to discuss is network troubleshooting.

No matter how well-planned and how well-implemented a network is, a day will still come when there is a problema user won't be able to access the server or users won't be able to print to their default printer. This chapter looks at some of the tools you can use and provides an approach you can take when troubleshooting problems on small, medium, or large networks.

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